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Please Note Club Uniform is compulsory for all athletes and greatly assists Age managers and time keepers in providing accurate results for our athletes.

Boys - T-Shirt / Singlet Patterned Emerald Green,black and white with Plain Black shorts

Girls - As above with Patterned Emerald Green,black and white crop top and plain Black shorts or patterened Emerald Green, Black and white bike shorts

Price - $40.00 per item

Uniforms can be purchased at our registration day     

Where to put all the patches-
When an athlete registers they will receive a registration number and an age number. Registration number must have the full red border showing and be placed in the centre of the uniform top.

Age patch must be placed on the front left hand side of the uniform this can be on the shoulder or shorts. Coles sponsors patch must be placed on the front right shoulder of the uniform (only if supplied)

The old centre number 59 is no longer required on the uniforms.

Spike Shoes: Permitted for athletes 11yrs and over.